Parents are their children's best teachers and role models. In the fast changing world, parents want their children to successfully compete and excel in studies and life with confidence. Many a time, parents either do not understand or are unable to fulfill the educational needs of their children and hence seek extra help from qualified tutors. This is where IDYA Learning can help you.

We are here to help your child to learn, improve and grow with confidence. We are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in offering tailor-made coaching in mathematics to children studying in grades 3-12, in a child-friendly and peaceful environment. We test the ability of each child and design a specific program suitable for him / her needs and teach him / her on one-on-one basis. This helps the student to realize his / her potential and she can understand and achieve the results and outcomes expected of him / her for that particular grade

We also offer tutorials in English as a Special Language (ESL) to immigrants and students who are unable to speak and understand English well.

Principal Tutor:

Deepali Shishodia


  • M.Sc.(Statistics-India)
  • M.Ed(Secondary school Mathematics)
  • USA Certified
  • ESL Certified Teacher- Mount Royal University, Calgary.
  • Oracle Certified Professional

Experience: More than 25 years. Clientele includes children, youth and adults from various backgrounds and with varied experience


Learning is a continuous process of building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. Our learning starts as soon as we enter this world and later becomes, for most of us, a lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. It occurs through experiences encountered in the course of a lifetime. The ability to obtain, assimilate and apply the right knowledge effectively is a key skill that not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also competitiveness and employability. I believe that each young person has talent and potential to achieve their goals in life.

  • "My name is Rohee Toor. Currently, I am in my last year of Bachelors of Education program at the Werklund School of Education, at the University of Calgary. Deepali is an amazing mentor, and a supportive individual. As I was going through high school, I often struggled academically, especially in math. However, because I had the support from Deepali, I was able to overcome my challenges and reach my full potential. I believe aside from my parents, Deepali also plays a huge role in helping me reach my goals and in becoming successful."
    Thank you,

    Rohee Toor

  • “Hi, my name is Shaurya Chauhan, currently I am a first year student of Business Administration Diploma at SAIT Polytechnic, Calgary. To get into this course, I had to pass the grade 12 math exam. I did my schooling from India so it was difficult for me to prepare for this exam. I am glad that with Deepali’s help and strong support I passed the exam with 90% and successfully got into the program. Deepali is a very good mentor and a supportive person.”

    Shaurya Chauhan

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